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In such a competitive work environment of today, there has been an ever-growing need for audiovisual types of media to be translated for the targeted audience around the globe. Here comes the importance of subtitling services. Subtitling is an exciting area of expertise, fall within the broader field of audiovisual translation including dubbing, voiceover and audio description. Subtitling can be of two categories: subtitling within the same one language, for the deaf and hard of hearing (sometimes also called captioning), and the other one is subtitling across multiple languages, used for foreign-language film and television.

Diamond Legal Translation (DLT) delivers such service with high quality and competence which featured how professional and disciplined are our team of translators and subtitlers. Equipped with proper qualifications, language competencies and cultural diversified backgrounds, our team will dedicate to present your audiovisual material in the way you want keeping the same goals and message. 

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