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How to Obtain Ministry of Justice Attestation for Your Translated Documents

When it comes to legal matters and official documentation, obtaining proper attestation is crucial. In Dubai, one important form of attestation is the Ministry of Justice’s attestation for translated documents. This certification verifies the authenticity and accuracy of translations, ensuring their acceptance in legal proceedings. In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a Ministry of Justice attestation for your translated documents, ensuring they are Approved And Certified By The Ministry Of Justice.

Choose a Qualified Translation Service Provider

Engaging the services of a reputable translation service company in Dubai is important to start the process. Verify the reputation and legal translation handling experience of the translation service provider. They have to use qualified translators who are experts in legal matters and knowledgeable about the conditions of the Ministry Of Justice Attestation procedure. 

Prepare the Required Documents:

Make sure you have all the required papers in place before sending your documents for translation and attestation. This applies to the original document as well as any other legal document that has to be translated, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificate or other certificate. Additionally, keep a clear copy of your passport or Emirates ID on hand because the attestation procedure will ask for it. 

Translate the Documents:

Once you have chosen a qualified translation service provider, submit your documents for translation. The translation must be proper and faithful to the original document. Ensure that the translation is done by a certified translator who is proficient in both the source and target languages. This step is important as the Ministry of Justice’s attestation process requires the translated document to be accurate and legally valid.

Notarize the Translated Document:

After the translation is complete, the next step is to notarize the translated document. This involves visiting a Notary Public office in Dubai and presenting the original document, the translated document, and your identification documents. The Notary Public will verify the authenticity of the translation and attest to its accuracy by applying an official stamp and signature.

Submit the Translated and Notarized Document to the Ministry of Justice:

Once the translated document is notarized, it is ready for submission to the Ministry of Justice for attestation. Prepare a set of copies of the original document, the translated document and the notarized translation. Visit the Ministry Of Justice Office In Dubai and submit these documents along with any required application forms. Pay the necessary fees and ensure that you have all the required supporting documents and identification.

Receive the Ministry of Justice Attestation:

The Ministry of Justice will examine and certify the translations after receiving the notarized and translated papers. The Ministry of Justice will grant an official attestation stamp and signature when it has been authorized. This attestation attests to the legal validity of the translated document and permits its use in official contexts like court cases, government applications or employment-related situations.


Obtaining a Ministry of Justice attestation for translated documents is a crucial step to ensure their acceptance and legal validity in Dubai. Diamond Legal Translation will help you from start to end and they provide excellent services, with the official stamp and signature from the Ministry of Justice, your translated documents will be approved and certified, allowing you to use them confidently for various legal and official purposes.



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