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As a Certified Translation Company, we prioritize the integrity of your documents. Whether it’s Driving License Translation Service in Dubai or general Document Translation, our secure processes and adherence to the highest standards guarantee the confidentiality of your information.
Diamond Legal Translation is your go-to partner for Legal Translation in Dubai. Our Translation Services in Dubai cater to diverse clientele, including law firms, businesses, and multinational corporations.

Trust us for the best Certified Translation Service that meets global standards.
Explore our range of services, from Legal Translation to Document Translation in Dubai, and experience the precision that sets us apart. Your satisfaction is our priority at Diamond Legal Translation, where excellence in every word is our commitment to you.


What We Do

Legal Translation

Accurate and certified translations for legal documents, contracts, and agreements.

Medical Translation

Precise translations for medical records, research papers, and pharmaceutical documents.


Bridge language gaps effortlessly with our interpretation services in Dubai, providing.
Diamond Legal Translation


Our diverse clientele includes law firms, businesses, healthcare institutions, and multinational corporations. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Diamond Legal Translation


Requesting a quote from Diamond Legal Translation is straightforward and efficient. Simply visit our website and navigate to the “Request a Quote” section. There, you’ll find a user-friendly form where you can input details about your translation needs. Provide information such as the type of document, languages involved, desired turnaround time, and any specific requirements. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team via phone or email, and they will walk you through the process. We understand the importance of accuracy and timely delivery, and our team is committed to providing you with a transparent and competitive quote based on your specific project. Choose Diamond Legal Translation for all your language service needs, and let us make the translation process seamless for you.

At Diamond Legal Translation, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of language services that span a multitude of languages across the globe. Our team of expert translators specializes in a diverse array of languages, including but not limited to:

– English

– Arabic

– Spanish

– French

– German

– Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)

– Russian

– Japanese

– Portuguese

– Italian

– Dutch

– and many more.

Our translation service at Diamond Legal Translation is certified and legally recognized. We take pride in adhering to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that our translations meet the necessary legal requirements. Our team of expert translators is qualified and experienced, providing accurate and certified translations accepted and recognized by legal authorities and institutions. Whether it’s legal documents, contracts, or other sensitive materials, you can trust our certified translation service to deliver documents that are both linguistically precise and legally compliant.

The turnaround time for receiving a translated document depends on various factors, including the complexity and length of the document, the language pair involved, and the client’s specific requirements. At Diamond Legal Translation, we prioritize both speed and accuracy in our services.

Our team strives to deliver standard documents within a timeframe that typically ranges from 1 to 3 business days. However, larger projects or documents with intricate technical or legal content may require additional time for thorough translation and quality assurance.

We understand the importance of deadlines and work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines based on the specific project parameters. Rest assured, our commitment is to provide timely and precise translations, ensuring that you receive your documents promptly without compromising on quality. Please let us know if you have specific time constraints or urgent needs, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

At Diamond Legal Translation, we take data confidentiality seriously. Our measures include:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): Formal agreements to keep client information confidential.
  2. Secure Data Transmission: Use of encrypted channels for safe document transfer.
  3. Restricted Access: Limited access to authorized personnel only.
  4. Secure Storage: Documents stored in a secure digital environment with restricted access.
  5. Regular Security Audits: Periodic assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities.
  6. Employee Training: Ongoing training ensures all team members adhere to strict confidentiality standards.

These measures collectively demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information throughout the translation process.


Diamond Legal Translation

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